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At Stitch In Time, our charges for alterations on garments may vary depending on the complexity of the work and the cost of the materials to complete the task.

  • Bridal

    Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and every bride wants to look and feel like a princess. Many brides find the perfect dress...

  • Upholstery

    At Stitch in Time we offer a wide range of services and additional extras when it comes to your beloved upholstery. Over the years our craftsmen have gained a wide range of...

  • Leather

    Stitch in Time Bournemouth also offer leather alterations including tapering. We can alter jackets and riding trousers to name a few. If you cannot see the alteration or repair you require, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to help you yet.

  • Coats and Jackets

    Replacement Zip. Shorten Sleeves. Lengthen Sleeves. Coat Shortened. Jacket Shortened. Coat Relined. Jacket Relined. Shirt Collars Turned. Shirt Cuffs Turned.

  • Trousers and jeans

    Trouser Zip. Jeans Zip. Trousers Shortened (plain). Jeans Shortened (turn up). Jeans shortened. Trousers Tapered. Waist & Seat Altered. New Half Pocket.

  • Skirts and dresses

    Replacement Zip. Shortened. Pleated Shortened. Hips Taken In. Concealed Zip. Hips & Waist Taken In. Elastic to Waist. Relining.


We have a wide range of services and options with regards to Sweater Repairs. We will always offer you the most competitive prices on the market and the best customer service.

At Stitch in Time we can repair most knit items, including fine knit cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters and designer knits.

  • We can also offer you the following:

    Sweater Sleeves Shortening. Knit Hems Alterations. A Wide Range of Other Knit Alterations.

  • We can also repair the following by re-knitting:

    Moth Holes. Burn Holes. Tears.

  • Experience and quality

    Our years of service in this industry has given us a wide knowledge database, this allows our technicians to make sure that you get the perfect job on that treasured item of clothing. If you cannot see the alteration or repair you require, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to help you yet.

We pride ourselves in making sure that we give our customers the best selection of alterations and repairs on the market. We will always try and give you the most competitive prices to make sure that you get the best value for money.

We guarantee you that the quality of our work will never get affected by the style or size of a job. We can offer you a wide range of options and choices to make sure that you get the perfect alteration or repair on your item of choice.


At Stitch in Time we can offer you a collection service from all of our commercial customers e.g. clothes shops, laundries and nursing homes. We offer this service FREE of charge.

  • Service FREE of charge

    We will also offer you the chance to have a FREE delivery service after we have performed alterations on your selected item. These free services are just a few ways for us to say how grateful we are to all of our customers and the support they have shown us over the years.

So why not give us a call on:

T. 01202 780323